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Mask Gallery

Because of the uniqueness of my process, more than half of my business is custom designs. People contact me often to create a mask for their specific event, or to match a special outfit like a wedding dress or mardi gras gown or cosplay costume, which they cannot find anywhere else. I enjoy custom design work, and am happy to talk with anyone about bringing the design or look they have in mind to reality, within the budget they have to work with.
All the designs shown here can be recreated in custom colors of your choice, or changed in other ways. To discuss an order simply email me at :


Prices range from as low as 29.99 (ie. the Traditional Phantom mask) for a small half mask with little to no decorations, to 249.99 (ie. the Dragon's Crystal) for an elaborately hand sculpted mask leafed in gold with inset crystal or semi precious stones.

*To view my current instock masks available for immediate purchase please visit my Etsy Shop 



updated 2-24-15